Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Geisha in Training among other Show and Tell!

Our evening meeting this month was held at Alice's home. After going through planning future activities, we were treated by great show and tell.  Diane showed us two "space exploration" pieces she finished in the last week ..., Gina is working on a colorful piece to be  soon juried for a show;

and Alice introduced us to the art of Joomchi, an ancient Korean handmade paper craft she learned during her trip in Japan.  Here is a photograph she took that inspired,
the interpretation below.

We were then treated to a wriggling duo dance with both our geisha parading her kimono and Diane arranging her obi.  

Sisters in Cloth is about art expressed in many ways!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Given the freezing temperatures and snow covered grounds, I thought these two photos might be a warm touch! "Hibiscus" was created for a challenge hosted by fellow "sister" and friend, Evelyn Judson. One of the requirements of the challenge was to use the color green. At the time my stash was seriously lacking a choice of green fabrics so I decided to make the best possible use of only one piece of green fabric by alternating the direction of the stripes. This was my first attempt at machine quilting and I've been hooked ever since! Sunflower is a small 8x8 piece that was inspired by friend and photographer, Rose Alpert. It is part of the Sisters in Cloth "Double Take" exhibit which included large scale and detail pieces inspired by Rose's photographs.  

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter scrapping by GSKotowski

I literally have years of fabric scraps and it is time to either use em or toss em! This year seems to be the baby boom starting with our own daughter and those of dear friends. This meant baby quilts!!

Years ago Judy Siccama taught me to paper piece, so I decided to explore what this pile of mostly batiks could yield ! I 
totally forgot how frustrating sewing backwards on paper fueled by wine can be! After several mishaps, I got back into it and and started humming along!
Of course I ran out of paper up in Vermont, so had to resort to using copy paper. Windows 8 would not allow me to download the piecing disk from Carol Doak's book, so I had to hand copy my last printed pattern.  A minor side-track to my mission! I will share that I actually prefer the copy paper to the purchased foundation paper when it is time to remove  (another story for another time)
So from this pile
I created these
And ultimately this beauty
So I can only offer that returning to traditional piecing is a great way to challenge your right and left brain and de-clutter at the same time!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Diane is Hopping in Turkey!

Welcome to our Sisters blog!

Thank you, Diane Wright, for including all your Sisters in the world wide blog hop.  I am sure Turkey will get a place of honor in one of Diane's future quilts.  Past travels and stays in Australia, Japan, China have generated an amazing variety of artwork.

In our last meeting, we shared some of what we are working on.  Here is a picture of MaryLyn showing her progress on a new quilt.  This piece has an unusual background story.  It was not birthed in a quiet moment, but in the heat of frenzied frustration.  MaryLyn quickly gathered her oranges and blues, chose a white for background, and started cutting.  She did not tell us why she picked those colors, but they perhaps represent the mood (orange) that needed to be cooled down (blue).  The next morning, she showed us a few sewed rows of her work, which has grown in the meantime.

Here is a project I'm working on for our December Guilford Library exhibit.  This will end up being a nine patch of circles, arranged with the help of Sisters,

The inspiration for the above piece is the following nine patch: 

Next time, I'll explain how I jumped from squares and triangles to circles!

Friday, August 1, 2014

What a fun day we had! We were invited by Kathryn Greene of Greene Art Gallery to quilt in the Greene Habitat for Artists today.  This was wonderful opportunity for our group to share with the community what we do. The gardens provided a beautiful and inspirational place to quilt and share our love of quilting others.
Diane sharing some of her Sentinelles
Debbie's awesome handquilting with pearl cotton

Mary Lyn's show and tell
Barb and Jane hand quilting

Mary Lyn, Kay and Linda enjoying some conversation and quilting

Prayer flags

Carol, Yvette and Gail enjoying the gardens

Friday, July 11, 2014

Today's Show and Tell

Yvette Howard's triplet grandchildren have created two baby quilts this week for their former nanny's expected twins.  The two tops are colorful, original and SO happy.  What a wonderful gift...for both receivers and makers.  Well done!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Friday's Show and Tell

I was so glad to be able to make Friday's meeting.  I've been busy at work and have missed a few.  Show and tell is always my favorite part of our meetings.  Here are some pictures, enjoy!
Carol's modernized 9 patch

Debbie's recent purchase - reminds me of our sentinelles

Gina's art work - so creative

Janine's hand-quilting project

Robin's modernized 9 patch