Friday, April 4, 2014

Sisters in Cloth Meeting - April 4, 2014

There was a lot of great energy in the room today at the Sisters in Cloth weekly meeting. Here are a few pieces from our "show and tell."

Autumn Years Squared  by Diane Wright for the SAQA Benefit Auction to be held in September. She is totally prepared for this one!  The background is a black linen napkin and the tree was made with her own stamp design. Machine and hand quilted.

Carol Ludington is working on a yummy wool appliqué from Wooly Lady. The wools are rich and warm and her work is second to none!

Barbara Adams is working on a baby quilt to be auctioned with other baby goodies at the SARAH auction. Her fabric combinations are terrific and so fresh!

Debra Bento just completed commissioned toddler size quilt. It consists of mostly oranges and yellows from one of her favorite designers, Lotta Jansdotter. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Williston Northampton Installation

Diane and David Wright, Marie Shepherd and Gail Kotowski traveled up to Easthampton, MA to install Double Take at the Grubbs Gallery. Many thanks to Dave who also photographed the Exhibit!

The reception will be on March 23 from 2-4 and the take down will be on the 28th.

Another Opening...another Show

Tuneful, no?  We are celebrating our final exhibit of our packaged exhibit, Double Take.  It has been on the road for three years now, primarily along the CT shoreline.  Yesterday, however, it made it out of state to Easthampton MA where member Gail Kotowski secured a venue at the Williston Northampton School's Grubb Gallery.

Check out the other photos at

Yvette Howard's piece with inspiration photo by Rosemary DeLucco Alpert

Janine Anderson-Bays' and Debbie Bento's pieces with inspiration photos by Rosemary DeLucco Alpert

Evelyn Judson's  and Diane Wright's pieces with inspiration photos by Rosemary DeLucco Alpert

Gail Kotowski's and Diane Wright & Linda Zimmerman's pieces with inspiration photos by Rosemary DeLucco Alpert

Barb Adams' , Robin Wolek's and Marie Shepherd's pieces with inspiration photos by Rosemary DeLucco Alpert

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Class with Kate Themel Part II

After the post from our first session in Kate Themel's class, I thought I'd share some pictures from yesterday's workshop. We all improved our free-motion quilting skills. In fact, it was a new skill to some.

Kate explaining the process for the day.

 Kate demonstrating the method.

 MaryLyn doing her first free-motion quilting.
Very impressive indeed.

 Diane totally engrossed in her work.

 Carol hard at work stitching.

 Alice working on a practice piece in order to hone her skills.

 Barb contemplating the next step.

 Betty Warner doing a smaller piece before tackling a large one with many magnolias.

 Gina, Janine, and Robin.

Ruth Anne trying to work around the tension issues of her machine.

It was fun to be working together on a lovely project. We all jumped at the chance to take a class with Kate. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Magnolia Workshop

Yesterday members of our group & some friends participated in a workshop taught by Kate Themel.  We learned how to create our magnolias using Kate's layering technique. A great time was had by all.  We are definitely looking forward to the second part next week - how to use machine quilting to enhance the appearance of our magnolias.

Here is a picture of Kate's class sample

Some of our work....

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh, what a night!

The Sisters did it again!  We had a wonderful time sponsoring the opening of Local Color at the Guilford Art Center.  It is the finale for this traveling exhibit...we will be welcoming home 'our' Hartford's Colt Dome at our next SAQA/CT meeting at the end of March.  Several of our members have pieces included:  Barb Adams, Ruth Anne Olson, Linda Zimmerman, Robin Wolek, Yvette Howard, Gail Kotowski, Carol Ludington and Diane Wright (me)

Six of us used one of my photos of the Hartford icon to create 20" pieces. All the same and all very different.

Each venue that Local Color has visited has been different (Western State CT U in Danbury, Legislative Office Bldg in Hartford and Slater Museum of Art in Norwich) and each time the work relates to each other differently.  Very interesting how that is.  Truth be told:  this was my personal favorite.  GAC's gallery is very intimate...and the pieces sing under their lights.
Hartford's Colt Dome

Rita Hannafin with Storm Tossed Memories

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wow what a meeting!

We had a lively group last night.  Lots of show and tell.  Many are working on their Sentinelle piece from Dijanne Cevaal.  We're going to have a nice collection!
Debbie's quilt at you go

Mary Lyn's trivets

Carol's beautiful handwork

Ruth Anne's work in progress