Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vivika's Largess

Janine, friend Claire, Marie and Debbie on all fours
Our fellow Sister Vivika decided to clear out her fabric stash.  I just love when this happens….there are SO many smiling faces digging into the bins.  It's not like any of us 'need' any more fabric.   Heck, 'need' hardly ever plays a part in our love of fabric.

Marie and the usually very restrained Carol

Happy Campers.  Fortunately I convinced everyone I was THE photographer, thus shielding evidence of my plunder
Thank you, Vivika!!  You know we will put it all to good use…and/or admire your beautiful contributions to our stashes.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Boston Strong and Colorado Colorful

Yvette Howard (l) and Diane Wright
Today several of the Sisters met to assemble tops for donation to the Colorado Wildfire/Flooding Relief and to the Boston Strong support group.

It was a great day to get this underway….our first flurry of snow for the year makes us more motivated to move faster to completion.

This is very much a team effort.  Several others, who were not here today, had previously committed to assembling the colorful 'coin' strips.  Today we completed two tops that will soon be off to their separate relief efforts with our thoughts of warmth and recovery.

Barb Adams (l) and Yvette.  Attending but not pictured:  Debbie Bento and Carol Ludington