Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter scrapping by GSKotowski

I literally have years of fabric scraps and it is time to either use em or toss em! This year seems to be the baby boom starting with our own daughter and those of dear friends. This meant baby quilts!!

Years ago Judy Siccama taught me to paper piece, so I decided to explore what this pile of mostly batiks could yield ! I 
totally forgot how frustrating sewing backwards on paper fueled by wine can be! After several mishaps, I got back into it and and started humming along!
Of course I ran out of paper up in Vermont, so had to resort to using copy paper. Windows 8 would not allow me to download the piecing disk from Carol Doak's book, so I had to hand copy my last printed pattern.  A minor side-track to my mission! I will share that I actually prefer the copy paper to the purchased foundation paper when it is time to remove  (another story for another time)
So from this pile
I created these
And ultimately this beauty
So I can only offer that returning to traditional piecing is a great way to challenge your right and left brain and de-clutter at the same time!