Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farewell Lunch

Friday was the last day that Linda Sexton-Patrick said she was sure that she could break away from her moving preparations to attend a weekly meeting of our art quilt group.

Everyone knows what that means! FOOD! She chose seafood and we all met at The Stone House Restaurant at the Guilford Harbor where everything on the menu is yummy.

Pictured here is Linda (the one smiling), Gail and, seated, Janine.

For the last couple of weeks Linda has been treating us to her "over stocks": boxes of textiles of all sorts (silks, wools, vintage dresses and aprons, tablecloths, brocade, leather, doll-making supplies...etc!!) that she's packed and transported from her home in New London to our meetings for us to plunder. She spread out an array atop two double blankets in a shady spot beside the rear parking lot. We had a grand time and, yes, drew stares and grins from passersby. But what the heck: We were doing a good turn for our Sister...lightening her load like that ;^)

The farewell quilt that we presented her is a collection of nine patch blocks done by each of us in "her colors". We had it machine quilted (beautiful job!) and our own Marie created an embroidered label from the group.

Her new home certainly sounds wonderful....e.g. 1800 Sq. Ft. studio! (okay she has to also store some of her suitcases there but still...) Good Luck in Asheville, Linda!

On a totally different subject: The results of last week's post: Barb Adams' sale of her work in the fundraiser for the historic Congregational Church on the Green in New Haven: Over $1400!!! Hooray for Barb and the fund! Plus, she developed a lead for possible venue for the group's work! How exciting is THAT?! Good going, Barb!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Art Quilts and Gift Sale

Barbara Coleman Adams is participating this weekend in a fundraiser for the historic Congregational Church on the Green in New Haven. She's offering several of her beautiful quilts and some very unique gifts she's made with all the proceeds going to the Meeting House Fund. It promises to be a fun event along with events being held on the Green.


Art quilts, table runners, and more!

Barbara Coleman Adams

Is donating all proceeds from this sale of her work to the

Historic Meeting House Fund of

United Church on the Green, New Haven, CT

SATURDAY, June 19,

2010 1:00 – 6:00 p.m.

In the foyer of United Church on the Green

Corner of Temple & Elm Streets, New Haven

At 4:00 p.m. come to “Put Your Whole Self In,”

a story-sharing event for families of all shapes and sizes,

featuring master mime Todd Farley and puppeteer Betty Baisden

SUNDAY, June 20,

10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Same location.

Worship with us at United Church on the Green at 10:30.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Conn Text Word(s) Part II

These two works are by former members Martha Wolfe, now residing in FL, and Evelyn Judson, now residing in NC.

Martha's is not complete at the time of the photograph...but it's recognizable. Titled Departures, it is the departure board and clock inside the New Haven Rail Station. After Martha's father graduated from Yale he commuted from New Haven to Columbia in NYC for his Master's degree. Her grandfather traveled through there as a soldier. Her sons, too, traveled through the station. This year Martha's father took his final departure.

For the parameters of this Challenge, please read the previous post. Let's just say that sometimes rules are made to be broken. Evelyn's piece titled Testimony is a wonderful example of why this is true.

This is obviously a spectator's view of a court in session. The back story compelled Evelyn to create this piece and break the 20" width rule. As she said "it HAD to be wider".

A friend of hers son was murdered. A man was arrested and brought to trial......a trial that the mother could not miss a moment of. Her friends did not want let her be alone so they took turns being with her every day throughout the trial. To say that the event had a profound effect on all is an understatement.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Conn Text: Word(s) Challenge Revealed

Conn Text” Challenge

We created a challenge open to all current and former members of Sisters in Cloth, aka Gone to Pieces, or aka Newcomer’s Quilting.


Our challenge is “word”. It can be interpreted to be a word, text; it can be inspiration drawn from a poem, literature, whatever inspires you by the word “word”.

1. Each piece will be three attached layers, 20” in width and up to, but no larger than, 48” in height.

2. Each piece will be faced (not bound).

3. Each participant is responsible for affixing her piece to black stretcher bars.

4. Each piece will contain at least one letter or character.

5. The work may be of mixed media, but should contain fabric.

6. Drop dead deadline is June 11, 2010

These were the instructions and yesterday was the reveal day which didn't start out all that

auspicious. I had a power failure at my house and, at the last minute, had to find another meeting place. We all congregated at a local tea shop.

The top photo is Yvette's Connections, a playful work using Jean Ray Laurie's color-form figures.

Next is Ruth Anne's sublime sunset with her quote embroidered on the top.

Third, in an almost completed state, is Linda Z's (and I should have written down her quote...duh)

These three are
followed by pieces in a decidedly more serious tone.

Barb's (not quite finished) piece is a scene from her daily walks from her house to the nearby beach where many of the residences have no trespassing signs of various types.
The signs are yet to be attached.

Gail's Justice is a montage of the men in her family (and herself) who served The Law along with photographs of landmark decisions. Her grandfather was a well known defense attorney, her brother a forensic scientist, and her father a court officer. (Gail is also an attorney).

For some reason unknown to me I can only post six photos...the others disappear. SOOoooo...I will post Martha's and Evelyn's on the next post. Stay tuned. They are among the "heavily meaningful".