Friday, August 17, 2012

Showing Off

Evelyn with "vintage" piece, including 2500+ buttons!

      Today's meeting was especially fun...We had visitors!  

Okay, Vivika is a "regular" member, however, since she's taken a full time position we don't see her very often.  So we are counting her's alway a treat when she can squeeze time in for  brief visit...this time she showed us her work with "Ink Effects"...immortalizing her Jack Russell.

The real visitors were former member Evelyn Judson and her daughter Catharine from the Raleigh NC area.  They brought a treasure trove of work, which included one of Evelyn's with 2500 hand sewn buttons, weighing a good seven pounds.

Catharine's fine embroidery

More of Catharine's work

 Evelyn's show and tell from her art group's challenge
Vivika's Ink Effects example

 Carol brought some of her luscious ice dyeing to share with Evelyn...Ruth Anne looks on.

We were all so glad to see our 'old' friend, her work and to catch up with her daughter who is sharing her mother's love of stitching.  Great meeting!