Friday, July 23, 2010

Sisters' Dye Results

Today was our regular meeting and the usual show and tell was the "main event" (as it often is).

Our former member Evelyn Judson, who has relocated to the Raleigh NC area, was in town and made the meeting. She returned our Green Challenge which had been shown jointly with her group's Green Challenge. She also brought her art quilt "Testimony" for us all to see. The photograph is included in an earlier posting.

Five us us who dyed last week brought our dyeing results...and over achiever Carol also brought two gradations that she'd completed over this past week. The variations of linen, cotton(s) and silk were obvious, as were some of the subtleties of mixing variations. We were so happy with the results we've decided to do it again: Sept 3, same time, same station...stay tuned.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dyeing in the yard

Today the Sisters dyed by the yard.

Pictured (L/R) Gail, Linda Z, Carol and Barb.

Thanks to our intrepid Carol, who had gone to the trouble of preparing all the dyes ahead, working in this #!*+ heat/humidity was still be tolerable. We dyed in two gradations: a bright and a golden. Everyone was very happy with her work.

Actually we had such fun we are hoping to schedule another dying date this summer. Hopefully more of the Sisters will be able to attend the next one...summer is always tricky getting a quorum.

Speaking of scheduling, Eileen Clark our former member who went on to become an accomplished jewelry maker has generously offered us a class building her "sea glass cages" sometime in September. Check out my blog to see the results of the class I took with her.