Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Melanie Testa visits "The Sisters"

Melanie Testa grew up in our town. She has family here. When we caught word that she might be coming to town we jumped at the chance to meet her.

As luck would have it she was free (after a visit with her parents) to spend a day teaching us how to batik with soy wax as the resist.

It was one of the first truly warm sunny days of spring and we were all ecstatic to be in the studio with Melanie. The co-director of the Guilford Art Center was very accommodating in making a room available to us with very short notice. Thank you, Maureen!

And, Thank You, Melanie for agreeing to meet with us and, literally, going the extra mile for us in lugging the soy wax on the train from NYC when our order did not arrive. That's dedication!

You can see more of Melanie's work (including her new book) on her website: