Friday, July 20, 2012

Impromptu Fibers

DOT interior
Thanks to the quick action and hard work of Diane Cadrain, Impromptu Fibers, an exhibit of art quilters across the state is hanging at the CT Department of Transportation in Newington CT.  Sixteen artists answered her call, with nine appearing with the collected pieces to hang the exhibit yesterday. 

Several Sisters were represented in the 16 participants:  Barb Adams, Debbie Bento, Yvette Howard, Diane Wright and Linda Zimmerman.

Impromptu Fibers will hang in the atrium at 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington CT until Friday, Aug 31.  For a full list of artists and their work and/or to view the exhibit, contact DOT employee Delois Barnes at or ring her at (860) 594-3307.

Check out Diane Cadrain and Diane Wright's blogs for more pics.

Barb Adams with Carol Vivick hanging EdJonetta Miller's piece
Barb Adams "Summertime"

Delois Barnes, DOT coordinator with Carol Vinick, Diane Wright and "Instigator" Diane Cadrain
Deb Bento's "Swish (yes, swish) Chard" ;^)
Diane Wright's "Salon:After Matisse"

Yvette Howard's "Hidden Wells"
Linda Zimmerman's "Good Morning Sunshine"

Linda Zimmerman's "Crisp Fall Day in the Adirondaks"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Parfait Dyeing in the Yard

Barb Adams, following Parfait Dyer Impresario Carol Ludington's guidance, is layering her ice cubes with dye.  Yvette Howard works in the background.

L-R  Linda Zimmerman borrows dye from Impresario Carol whilst Gail Kotowski gets a call from the office and Marie Shepherd looks on.

The layering:  squished (that's a technical term) or scrunched (another) or folded fabric that has been soda ash soaked is topped with ice cubes.  Then scant amounts of dry dye is sprinkled over the top.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat until the container is filled.

Notice how neat Yvette's table, layers and dyes are...we expect nothing less :^)

You may not be able to guess whose work station this is....MINE!....that was a surprise, right?


Next week we will reveal the results....