Friday, September 24, 2010

Sisters at Play

If you came to one of our meetings, you might wonder why we are called Sisters in Cloth...knitting, beading, sewing, paper collage and painting are all enjoyed by our group. We've had workshops on beading, batik, and felting. We've had guests who us glorious couture knitwear and incredible artistic basketmaking. We've even dabbled in origami...but today was different.

Eileen Clark, owner of Odonata Seaglass Jewelry and Gifts, gave a lively workshop on her signature style of encapsulating seaglass in sterling silver wire. We were pleased with the results and hope to make more of our own!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sun Printing in spite of Earl's Threat

Our ruggedly optimistic small group soldiered on in the face of Hurricane Earl's predicted arrival and sun printed. "Sun printed?" you ask. Yep....well...nope. Cloud printed. Ever so faintly some printing occurred.

The first pic is actually at the end of the morning when it began to sprinkle....rain painting ;^)

The final pic is the one we are holding out hope for...a real sun print. Fingers crossed for Yvette's butterflies.

Our philosophy is "What the heck! The worse that can happen is that we have painted fabric and have a ton of fun doing it." And we did.