Sunday, December 18, 2011

Boy, Do We Have News!

Note to the wise:  The really big news is always last ;^)

Our group hosted an Open Meeting on our regular Friday time.  We invited friends to join us at the Guilford Free Library to celebrate our exhibit and to share Show and Tell.  As we all know, Show and Tell is the highlight of meeting.

The top photo is Toni Torres showing us her piece that had toured in South Carolina.  It returned a bit worse for the wear.  Now beautifully restored, it offers a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of traveling exhibits.

Member Barb Adams brought and wore one of her much admired garments, onlooking is Aurelle Locke.

Carol Ludington

Claire deLambeart enjoys Linda Zimmerman's incredibly precise work.

Patty Porto brought her bargello to share.

We all had such fun that we decided we would have to repeat the event annually.

One of our Sisters was missing and it wasn't until we returned home to our computers that we discovered the reason for her recent absences:  Our very own Vivika Hansen Denegre is the new editor of our favorite art quilt magazine, Quilting Arts!!!!  We are so proud of her...and we know that Quilting Arts will be even better than ever with her on staff.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Exhibits

We have installed two (!) collections at the Guilford Free Library:  It's a Rumor along with Gray.  Fortunately the room is large.  

Hanging day:  Yvette Howard tidies Diane Wright's Winter Leaves Slowly above and below she is helping Carol Ludington (L) and Robin Wolek hang one of Robin's contribution to Gray.

It's a Rumor is a collection created with word of mouth descriptions, a bit like the children's game of Telephone or Gossip.  The idea was to create a piece very quickly (the way rumors usually spread) based on a member's artist statement and then passed on to another member or two solely from that person's artist statement.  More photos and descriptions are on Diane Wright's blog.

If you are in the area next Friday, Dec. 16, please, join us for an Open Meeting.  Bring Show and Tell too.  RSVP for a head count, times and directions to Diane Wright.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What's Going On Here?

Road Trip!  Diane couldn't help herself - after a few hours basking in the luxury of a well stocked quilt store (Sew Inspired), Diane and Carol were So Inspired upon seeing the man hole cover that they ran back into the shop, bought a package of paint sticks, and rubbed some images from the ground.  Now that is a sure sign of a good day.
Lots of fabric came home with the group, of course, as did a slew of new books, ideas for a day of bleaching and discharging fabrics.  Most of us ended up with lighter wallets, but healthier stashes.

Lastly, a pizza and salad at the neighboring restaurant made us all feel ready for the hour long drive home.

We are so lucky to have Sisters!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Carol Ludington's Grandmother Quilt

We thought it was important to get this quilt to Carol, even though the label is not yet made, before the twins could crawl!  Carol's been through a lot this year, not to mention that her daughter gave birth to twins about a month ago.  Our group loves to make a "grandmother quilt" for the first grandchild to enjoy with his or her grandmother.

We wish Carol many happy hours of grandmother time...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Opening Reception: Double Take at the Guilford Free Library

Rosemary with a cyclomen and iris 

We are so fortunate to have been asked to hang our recent collaboration, "Double Take:  Photo and Fiber" at the Guilford Free Library in Guilford, CT.  Rosemary DeLuco Alpert's photographs are coupled with Sisters in Cloth's fiber interpretations for another glorious show.
Yvette and Debbie flank a friend, along with Debbie's sunflowers

The reception was held on Thursday, with many local-and-beyond clientele attending.  Thank you, Rosemary, for sharing your show with us, and thanks to all who helped hang and maintain this wonderful venue.  Please stop in and see these lovely pieces if you are in the Guilford area!
Ruth Anne with a lilly and hydrangia

Monday, June 6, 2011

Martha Wolfe visits the Sisters

Former "Sisters in Cloth" member Martha Wolfe returned to town to share with us some of the techniques she's using now in her own fabulous work. Entitled "Sheer Bliss" her class certainly lived up to it's title.

About half of the group was able to meet with her at the Guilford Art Center, our go-to place for workshops. Pictured in the first photo is Carol, Yvette working one of the ironing stations and Vivika and Martha talking about sheers and fusibles in the background.

Photo 2 and 3, Janine, Robin and Ruth Anne are also at ironing stations. Okay, it was a technique class....which means we all went home inspired and charged up with new ideas....but no finished products. Yet. Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

2011 Sisters' Extravaganza

As you may remember, the Sisters' annually host a day of all things 'art-quilty'. This year in a departure from our norm we shifted from the comfy hospitality of our Yvette Howard's home to a commercial venue. No surprise here: it was a quilt shop(!) Vivian Lazich, owner of Sew Inspired in Simsbury CT invited us to her studio-classroom space. Granted, it was a huge hardship on us all to HAVE to relocate to a quilt shop. LOL.

Vivian went further. Having just returned from Spring Quilt Market she was a fount of information about the newest techniques, books, fabric lines etc. Whetting our appetite. She also demonstrated several really interesting products and techniques...decolourant, paints, adhesives...boggling some brains I can tell you. Thank goodness for note taking, otherwise it would have been a total sensory overload by the end of the day.

Of course, none of our gatherings is complete without Show and Tell. Always a feature! This year was no exception.

The first photo, with it's maker and frequent Sisters' guest Betty Warner hiding behind it, is her piece about the Liberty Bell which is soon to be shipped to an exhibit in Philadelphia. It honors the 9 slaves of George Washington who were not recognized during their lifetime.

Second photo is Sister in Cloth member Ruth Anne Olson with her most recent piece...still under development..featuring some of her beautiful hand painted fabric.

The whole day was a happy mixture of old friends, inspiring work, interesting new ideas and techniques, tasty food from neighboring restaurant AND piles of new fabrics. AND the sun shown for the first time in days. Gosh, life is good...especially for an art quilter.

And to add icing to the cake Vivian asked us to repeat the event next year! Really makes a girl smile.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Double Take: Photo and Fiber


February 2 - June 24 at the Gallery @ Haskins, Haskins Labs, Yale University

Opening Reception: Thursday March, 5-7pm

300 George Street Suite 9
New Haven CT

Hours: W-F 10-5

The exhibit includes original photographs by Rosemary DeLucco-Alpert paired with the art quilts by fiber art group Sisters in Cloth. Each of the group's members created a piece 18"x24" and an 8" detail.

Participating Members:
Barbara Coleman Adams
Janine Anderson-Bays
Debra Beth Bento
Yvette Howard
Carol Ludington
Marie Kadlec Shepherd
Robin Wolek
Diane Wright

Picture above is Purple and White Iris, Ruth Anne Olson's interpretation of Rosemary DeLucco-Alpert's photograph of the same title.

The group is happy to announce that the exhibit has been asked to travel to The Guilford Free Library in Guilford, CT during the month of July.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Identity in Fiber

The theme of "Identity" is explored by 26 SAQA New England artists, including several of the Sisters in Cloth.  Diane Wright, Ruth Ann Olson, Vivika Hansen DeNegre, Carol Luddington, Gail Kotowski and Debbie Bento all have answered the question "Who am I?" with thoughtful interpretations in cloth.  Join us for a wonderful exhibit and an opportunity to ask the question of yourself...

An Exhibition of Fiber Art
January 22 – March 5, 2011
Opening Reception Jan. 22nd,  5-7 PM
at the Windsor Art Center (WAC) Gallery
40 Mechanic Street
Windsor, CT 06095
(860) 688-2528
Through art quilts and fiber sculpture, artists share the memorable experiences and traditions that have shaped their identities.  Meet some of the artists and enjoy light food, music and a special drawing at the Opening Reception on Saturday, January 22nd.