Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sisters & Friends

Mary Lyn Page
It's probably a sign of the times...or our small group's demographics... but several members have taken on more employment outside of their family jobs.  Net/net for Sisters is that we don't get to see some of our buddies very often and they don't get to be inspired by the group's work.  In an effort change that dynamic, we decided to trial meeting at night (oh, horrors!) once a month.  

Last night was our first's tricky planning any meeting in the summer, but we soldiered on.  There were eight of us:  five Sisters and three Friends.  And what fun it was.  Gail hosted.  Starting the evening with a glass of sangria set the tone:  fun and friendly, which was nice because I was asking for a critique of one of my pieces.  (I might want to take a bottle of wine to the next crit group meeting...just sayin')

We scheduled meetings for the next three months, which I take to mean that the meeting was a success and the new evening sub-group is launched.  Thank you, Gail for your warm hospitality.

Subject for critique

Ruth Anne with table runner

One of the blocks for Alice Chittenden's ambitious child's quilt

Ruth Anne again...over achiever

Long absent (working, working) Debbie

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

'On the Road' with Sisters

Sisters in Cloth was invited to install work in the beautiful exhibition space at the CT Department of Transportation's headquarters building in Newington CT.  It is dedicated to artwork for the 3000+ employees in the building.  (Outsiders need to be invited or acknowledged by a worker at security)

Each time we have installed a group of art quilts here...and even when we return to photograph...we are always engaged in conversation with a passerby.  Apparently, art quilts are very much appreciated here.  

We chose to put together a collection, many created for the event, based on what one might see "On the Road".  Our exhibit will be up until the end of August.
Robin Wolek:  Mixmaster

Right side of atrium exhibit space

Left side of exhibit space

Barb Adams: Tanzania Inspirations

Carol Ludington's Zinnias and HI Highway

Liz Shore's CO View

Martha Wolfe's Departures

Diane Wright's wanderings

Yvette Howard's playful piece

Ruth Anne Olson's literal road litter