Monday, March 16, 2009

Guilford Free Library Exhibit

The Fourth Annual Sisters in Cloth exhibit at the Guilford Free Library in Guilford, CT was a roaring success. The new library meeting room walls were covered with two glorious collections of quilts. "Strata" quilts, represented by Diane Wright's "Blue Heron with Crab" pictured left, and "Orange" quilts, such as Ruth Anne Olson's Swirl hung at the library throughout the month of January. This annual event is always marked by a reception which is well attended by the community. To see more of the fabulous pieces of art, watch the gallery slide show in the right column of the blog.


  1. Wow! That beaded piece is amazing! Is it part of a larger quilt? If so I'd love to se the whole thing.

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment, Norma. It is one of my "venturing out" pieces. I started with my own hand-painted fabric and added yarns, threads, silk roving, mulberry bark, all held in place with a very thin silk scarf and quilting; then I started beading--and couldn't stop. It's called "Blue Galaxy."