Friday, June 19, 2009

Featured Sister: Linda Sexton-Patrick

We met Linda at a local Connecticut Guild lecture by Ruth McDowell several years ago. Linda's work is lovely, as you can see. She often uses pieced backgrounds and juxtaposes hand applique to create beautiful works of fiber art. The quilt featured above is entitled "Jill-In-The-Pulpit".

In her own words:

What is exciting about the medium of textile art is the collaborative effort it affords between the tactile nature of fabric, color choices applied, and the expression of ideas through design and technique. From initial concepts to the refining of the completed image, it is a joy to be engaged in every step of the creative process. Inspiration often comes from the flora and fauna of the many areas of this country where I have lived. I am particularly interested in including in my work woodland species which are endangered or rarely seen. There are endless possibilities still to be expressed!

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