Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Exhibits

We have installed two (!) collections at the Guilford Free Library:  It's a Rumor along with Gray.  Fortunately the room is large.  

Hanging day:  Yvette Howard tidies Diane Wright's Winter Leaves Slowly above and below she is helping Carol Ludington (L) and Robin Wolek hang one of Robin's contribution to Gray.

It's a Rumor is a collection created with word of mouth descriptions, a bit like the children's game of Telephone or Gossip.  The idea was to create a piece very quickly (the way rumors usually spread) based on a member's artist statement and then passed on to another member or two solely from that person's artist statement.  More photos and descriptions are on Diane Wright's blog.

If you are in the area next Friday, Dec. 16, please, join us for an Open Meeting.  Bring Show and Tell too.  RSVP for a head count, times and directions to Diane Wright.

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