Sunday, May 6, 2012

Using Press-Away Topping - Unorthodox Instructions

Quite some time ago, I had prepared a bottom layer of cheese cloth on which I had placed ribbons, threads, roving and small pieces of fabric.  To protect this delicate item until I could quilt it,  I placed it between two styrofoam boards.  I did not want to heavily quilt such a small piece, as I wished to preserve its delicate, lacy and airy look.  Further, the piece needed to retain its vibrant colors which a tulle cover might ruin.  So I had purchased some Press-Away Topping to achieve all these goals.  I felt this product would prevent the whole project from finding its way into the bobbin case when I would start quilting it and keep it bright and light.

With the new year came the desire to finish this quilt.  So I carefully flipped my little project onto a piece of Press-Away Topping to be used on the bottom of the piece. Then I added another piece on top and started to quilt my piece.  

The instructions for the Press-Away Topping suggest using only one layer on top of a project.  I was a little bit concerned about how I would get rid of my two layers of topping.  And it was a challenge to remove all the gunk ... but in the end, I used boiling water over the whole thing. This helped remove a lot of the topping and then I used the iron to get rid of the rest (No such thing as a dry iron as the instructions recommend, as everything was wet through.)  

In the process I gained a special effect on one side (melted ribbon,) which I tried to duplicate in a controlled manner on the other side, without success.  

Now you can't tell what all this little quilt had to go through to survive, and I just love it.  Hope you will too!

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