Friday, June 29, 2012

Little Brown Bag Challenge

Barb Adams work of Gail's stuff
Debbie Bento challenged us all to fill small brown bags with  "stuff".  Those bags were drawn randomly by other members who were tasked to create something.  There were really no rules.  It was to be spontaneous and fun....inspired by our talk at Extravaganza by Jane Davila.

Today was reveal day.  Eight were in attendance.  The completed pieces were returned in anonymous brown paper bags so that no one knew whose work was whose.  Spread out on a table, it was a real challenge to identify the maker of each piece.  Heck, some of us had a hard time identifying what we had contributed initially!  No names mentioned.

We were, indeed, challenged AND, more importantly, we all had fun in the meanwhile.

Thank you, Debbie!  Great idea.

Carol Ludington's work made from Yvette's stuff

Deb Bento's remaking of Barb's stuff

Diane's working of Ruth Anne's stuff

Janine's work from Diane's stuff

Yvette Howard's efforts with Carol's stuff

Ruth Anne Olson's work from Janine's stuff

Gail Kotowski's work from Debbie's stuff

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