Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Lesson In What Not To Do

Sometimes the creative urge overtakes common sense. This happened on a Sunday evening, well after stores are closed!

I decided to trace a fish onto my Indigo piece and was out of tear away or water solvable paper. Our household has become a fan of tear away paper towels. So I figured that because the paper is porous and tears easily that it would work.

Well I got carried away and filled in some fin lines. I the proceeded for the next 2 hours to pull the bits of paper out, using a tweezers that has a small magnifying glass attached. To keep me on task in between bouts of unladylike adjectives, I imagined that I was a surgeon carefully removing a tumor .

I finally removed it all and was then able to thread paint to my heart's content. In the future, I hope that I will remember this lesson when the creative urge returns .

Gail Kotowski


  1. It turned out very well, belying your advice and gnashing of teeth. Nice work, Gail