Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art Quilts Off The Wall

There we were, right there on the first page of Front Porch News section in the Record-Journal, Sunday, May 23. Sisters in Cloth had been asked by Program Chair Sandy Parsons to provide the evening's's what we humorously call our Dog and Pony Show...for the Heritage Quilt Guild.

This was the third time regional quilt guilds have asked us to come and show them the what's and why's of "art" quilts. And we are ever so happy to have the opportunity!

In a happy coincidence the evening was also their celebration of their 25th anniversary and the revealing of their Twenty five years/Twenty five pieces Challenge. As we knew they would be focusing on their challenge we brought some of ours, specifically the Photo Challenge that was exhibited last year at the Guilford Art Center and later at the Guilford Library.

We started the talk with one of our first challenges. Inspired by a gorgeous quilt hanging in Yvette Howard's entry Hidden Wells, we all made one...or many...Hidden Wells, a Mary Ellen Hopkin's specialty some time ago.

I don't know the names of their makers but here are two good examples of the MANY members who participated in their Challenge. It was just wonderful that such a huge percentage of their membership joined in!

This woman had designed this "25" VERY effectively.

Barb Adams was the only other Sister who could attend the evening with me. She, naturally, was a big hit...she is very comfortable in front of a crowd and they loved her. She brought her beautiful journals that she makes for her trips....and her new stash of them that she has made for her church fundraiser.

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  1. Heritage was my quilt guild in Connecticut and I'm still in touch with many of the very talented members.

    They are a great group and I'm very glad you could share your pieces with them.