Wednesday, January 4, 2012

We are SO proud....

of our "Sister" Vivika! (pictured here with guest demonstrator Betty Warner)

Vivika DeNegre is the new Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine!
(where you can also see her very first blog post as Editor)

Pokey Bolton made the official announcement on December
16th and interviewed Vivika for the “Quilting Daily” blog. 
Read the full article here:

According to Kate Themal, CT SAQA co-rep, who interviewed
her for SAQA/CT's blog:

Vivika is taking it all in.  Although she may have less time to
work on her fiber art and beautiful bird portraits, DeNegre
is excited to begin a new adventure:
“I am thrilled, of course, and also overwhelmed in many ways with the challenges - learning Photoshop, excel and outlook, understanding the publishing world from the inside, working once again after an 11 year retirement - all of these are new experiences.”
New Editor DeNegre is already working on the April/May 2012

We, Sisters in Cloth, who have known, worked, cried and laughed
with Vivika for about 9 years now, are very proud of her, and happy
that she has landed her "dream" job.  She is a rare individual:
Great mom of four, talented artist, good friend and confidant...
and...rarer still, she has more than 24 hours in her day!  That's the
only way she can do all that she does.  Seriously.

Congratulations Vivika!

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  1. What a kind and generous post, Diane. Thank you all, my sisters in cloth, for your wonderful support and friendship through these happy and productive years. You are the BEST!