Sunday, January 22, 2012

While Waiting for the Snow

I love to snow dye and thought snow would never arrive this winter. So I decided to do some ice cube dyeing as seen in the August -September 20011 issue of Quiting Arts Magazine. I am in love with the results and can 't seem to stop!!  I used fat quarters of PFD fabric in white. 
 After soaking in soda ash solution, I fan folded some on the long side, some on the short sides, and others on  the diagonal (my favorite),  as well as just smooshing into a lump. Layer on some ice cubes, sprinkle on the powdered dyes in your choice of colors , cover and wait 24 hours. Rinse and wash, dry and iron. The pictures are just a few of  many I have done. 

And then I saw my empty glass vase on the counter and thought....why not try parfait dyeing with the ice cubes??  I didn't need to think twice about it and div
ed right in. 

 I started with yellow on the bottom,

followed by fushia,

then turquoise,

and put several colors on the top layer. I admit I was feeling reckless. 

I intend to play around with the timing of each layer as well as the the number of dyes used on each layer. That's after I restock my supply of PFD fabric and a few different new dyes. OH, and make more ice cubes.


  1. Gorgeous, Carol! I must try this.

  2. Well done, Carol!!! Your efforts certainly paid off...very inspiring. And, now...we have SNOW!

  3. These fabrics are gorgeous!!! I LOVE the last one!I cannot wait to try this.