Friday, September 7, 2012

My Show and Tell

Town Green
Today we met at my house and (duh) I forgot to take pics of show and tell!  I certainly can't say I forgot my camera.  I can say that the gray cells were not firing properly.  Sorry.  Next time.  Not to be too self promoting, I do have a pic of my most recent piece.

Our group is very busy, with several projects on the calendar:  First, the next SAQA/CT meeting is in Guilford on Oct 6.  Then, our 'drop dead' deadline for two (!) challenges is Oct 17 when both our "Indigo" and "Postage Stamp" pieces are to be revealed.  Both of the challenges will be exhibited at the Guilford Free Library in December...when we host the SAQA/CT group again!

If this isn't enough pressure, we are exhibiting in New Haven in February and in Newington next September.

We decided today that everyone would take turns posting on this blog.  Ergo, you will be able to hear from more of us more often...what inspires us, tickles us, provokes us, colors our work and informs our journey as a group and individually.  With any luck at all we will have weekly posts instead of the more recent sporadic ones.

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