Friday, September 21, 2012


I hosted my first Sisters meeting last week, on a gorgeous sparkling late summer morning. Color was a main topic (nothing unusual there, I'm sure).

We were treated with an array of fabrics that Carol iced dyed in the past week:

A sample of Carol's ice dyeing
 And also some beautiful silk scarfs from Carol:

Lovely texture as well
 As the seasons change, the colors that I am most attracted to change, too. It's no wonder that in August I was drawn to the warm spectrum and in the last gasps of a heat wave I took a stack of 5" designer fabric squares that I had been looking at for weeks and sewed them together into a small value quilt for the kitchen table.


My summer garden was very seasonal in its color, too. There were bright yellow peppers, orange tomatoes, a long row of zinnias. As the days are getting shorter and the temperatures have come down a bit, the morning glories are now the stars in the garden. Every year this blue amazes me:
Morning Glory
Time to finish my blue and white quilt : )
She's a bit territorial

Couldn't resist


  1. Liz Shore......the Liz Shore!! I am so happy to see your name and hear you are now a Sister!! How exciting:)

  2. Yes, THE Liz Shore. We are so happy she is now a Sister, too! Not to put pressure on anyone...but her Indigo Challenge piece is very nearly done and is gorgeous.