Tuesday, January 15, 2013

300 George Street, New Haven CT

Janine's, Diane's, Robin's and Evelyn's
We decided to install our Indigo pieces in the Art in the Hall exhibition space at 300 George Street.  It is a multi-use office space owned by Yale University.  There is always activity there.  Each time we have hung a fiber exhibit, we get many comments on how much they appreciate having art in general and quilt art in particular available to them.  In fact, we have sold pieces at this venue.

Barb's, RuthAnne's and Linda's

Martha's, Janine's, Yvette's and Diane's

Two of Robin's, Deb's and 'The Sisters'

Diane's, Carol's and Gail's

Stop by if you are in town


  1. Love it....makes me wish I were back in CT! But then, reading what you guys are up to always makes me wish I was back in Connecticut. Well done!