Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hosting SAQA/CT

Our exhibit(s) Indigo and Postage Stamps at the Guilford Free Library was the venue for SAQA/CT's Regional Meeting.  It is always a pleasure to host this dynamic gives us a chance to see our friends from across the state and show them what we have been up to.

I have randomly chosen photos of some of our work along with a couple of panoramas.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  For more check our my own blog.  Between the two you will get an idea of how much fun yesterday was!

AND several asked for our recipes when they tasted our "Soup's on for SAQA" lunch.  Little do they know that we have a cookbook in the works. Maybe next year we'll have something else to share with them.  :^)
Carol Ludington's

East Wall
Debbie Bento, Robin Wolek, Diane Wright, Evelyn Judson, Carol Ludington,
Janine Anderson-Bays (2), Martha Wolfe, Yvette Howard, Diane Wright and Liz Shore

Evelyn Judson

Martha Wolfe detail

West Wall
Ruth Anne Olson, Barb Adams, Robin Wolek, Gail Kotowski, Linda Zimmerman, Robin Wolek
Sisters Self-portraits, Postage Stamps, Diane Wright (2)

Yvette Howard

Barb Adams

Linda Zimmerman

Liz Shore

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