Sunday, June 27, 2010

Farewell Lunch

Friday was the last day that Linda Sexton-Patrick said she was sure that she could break away from her moving preparations to attend a weekly meeting of our art quilt group.

Everyone knows what that means! FOOD! She chose seafood and we all met at The Stone House Restaurant at the Guilford Harbor where everything on the menu is yummy.

Pictured here is Linda (the one smiling), Gail and, seated, Janine.

For the last couple of weeks Linda has been treating us to her "over stocks": boxes of textiles of all sorts (silks, wools, vintage dresses and aprons, tablecloths, brocade, leather, doll-making supplies...etc!!) that she's packed and transported from her home in New London to our meetings for us to plunder. She spread out an array atop two double blankets in a shady spot beside the rear parking lot. We had a grand time and, yes, drew stares and grins from passersby. But what the heck: We were doing a good turn for our Sister...lightening her load like that ;^)

The farewell quilt that we presented her is a collection of nine patch blocks done by each of us in "her colors". We had it machine quilted (beautiful job!) and our own Marie created an embroidered label from the group.

Her new home certainly sounds wonderful....e.g. 1800 Sq. Ft. studio! (okay she has to also store some of her suitcases there but still...) Good Luck in Asheville, Linda!

On a totally different subject: The results of last week's post: Barb Adams' sale of her work in the fundraiser for the historic Congregational Church on the Green in New Haven: Over $1400!!! Hooray for Barb and the fund! Plus, she developed a lead for possible venue for the group's work! How exciting is THAT?! Good going, Barb!


  1. I do wish I had taken a picture of Linda's bounty spread out on the blanket. I came home with some real treasures.

  2. What a fun (and talented) group you have!

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