Sunday, June 13, 2010

Conn Text Word(s) Part II

These two works are by former members Martha Wolfe, now residing in FL, and Evelyn Judson, now residing in NC.

Martha's is not complete at the time of the photograph...but it's recognizable. Titled Departures, it is the departure board and clock inside the New Haven Rail Station. After Martha's father graduated from Yale he commuted from New Haven to Columbia in NYC for his Master's degree. Her grandfather traveled through there as a soldier. Her sons, too, traveled through the station. This year Martha's father took his final departure.

For the parameters of this Challenge, please read the previous post. Let's just say that sometimes rules are made to be broken. Evelyn's piece titled Testimony is a wonderful example of why this is true.

This is obviously a spectator's view of a court in session. The back story compelled Evelyn to create this piece and break the 20" width rule. As she said "it HAD to be wider".

A friend of hers son was murdered. A man was arrested and brought to trial......a trial that the mother could not miss a moment of. Her friends did not want let her be alone so they took turns being with her every day throughout the trial. To say that the event had a profound effect on all is an understatement.

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  1. Love both of them....Seeing this series is really wonderful!